At Annual Review your bank analyzes your account activity to ensure the bank’s profitability, as you operate your account.

If you have negotiated fixed pricing for transaction costs, the Annual Review process is designed to confirm whether your transaction volumes and patterns have changed and pricing needs to be re-negotiated.

Otherwise if your cheques don’t bounce and you don’t complain, the bank will usually assume that you are satisfied with your account setup! Having nothing change as a result of your account’s annual review – and especially if you aren’t even aware your account is being reviewed – merely confirms that the bank makes a profit operating your account.

But what if it’s YOU that’s leaving money on the table?


Many businesses operate the same bank account that they started out with – even after the business grows. Outgrowing your account plan can mean that you end up paying more than you should in service charges. And if you end up dealing with more than one bank as you grow your business, it’s easy to happen as you concentrate on growing your business.

ICMS monitors published service charges and deposit interest rates from all 36 different service plans offered collectively by the Big 5 banks. And our pricing model will tell you which plan best matches your volumes and transaction patterns. At your existing bank and at the other major banks.

After a confidential analysis of your bank statements an ICMS Cheque-Up!  Basic Report details which combination of service plan and savings account provides the best value for your business today at your existing bank – and at every other major bank. A Consulting Report provides a strategic analysis of your company’s four cash management platforms – Collection, Payment, Reporting and Investment.

Whether you are a borrower, or a lender/depositor, an ICMS Cheque-Up! report provides good value. Confirm that your service charges and interest rates make sense for the way your business banks today. Get a plain language review of all four cash management platforms from an objective, experienced commercial banker. Useful information that will help you to understand how the bank views your accounts and be informed before you negotiate with your existing bank(s) – or prospective new bank(s).

REMEMBER: Accepting deposits, clearing payments and providing information reports all have hard costs associated with the delivery of service. In the world of commercial banking you are going to pay something, whether it is a direct cost like a service charge or an indirect cost like accepting zero percent interest on your cash balances. If you ever pay $0.00 in service charges in any bank account it means the bank is earning revenue from you in some other way. Earning at least as much revenue as the service charges would otherwise be. ALWAYS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Report

  • Calculates your average transaction volumes, service charges and deposit balances
  • These are compared against all the published service plan options offered by the five major banks

Consulting Report

  • Detailed analysis of existing banking processes (collection, payment, reporting, investment)
  • Recommendations to improve/streamline existing and planned cash management processes

Change Banks

  • Preparation of bid documents when changing banks
  • ICMS helps to evaluate the bid responses your receive


  • Setting up and testing cash management services once you select a new bank
  • ICMS makes sure your new cash management services are functional

$50/hour when your business tends to maintain cash surpluses as you operate

  • and ICMS earns a commission as you operate a Manulife Bank Business Advantage account

$75/hour when your business tends to utilize cash flow to operate

  • and/or ICMS does not earn a commission as you operate a Manulife Bank Business Advantage account